Best Baby Bean Bags

Below is the top 3 best baby bean bags on the market today. These bean bags are rated the very best on the market and have received very good customer feedback.
Why are these the very best baby bean bags? Well they keep your baby super safe and secure and they are so comfy. Babies that struggle getting to sleep find sleeping easy on these bean bags.

Top 3 Best Baby Bean Bags

The Bambeano Baby Bean Bag is by far the most popular baby bean bag on the market. This is because when you buy a Bambeano you are not just getting a baby bean bag, you are getting a toddler bean bag too.
So basically you are getting 2 bean bags here for the price of one. The baby bean bag can be used from birth and then you transfer the beans into the free toddler bean bag cover and then your child has a bean which can be used up to age 5 and probably beyond depending on their size.
I suppose you would keep the bean bag beyond 5 years old because it would make a rather comfy foot poof. I would say that these are the most popular because they are such good value for money.
These baby bean bags, unlike some of the others are slightly slanted, your baby does not lay completely flat, this means they can view the world around them and just nod off when they get tired.
These are really a good buy, and all new parents will know that it is a god send to have somewhere to put your baby that is safe and secure.
The bean bag has security straps on it that will keep your baby on the bean bag, they will not be able to roll off or fall out.
It's good news for all new parents to have somewhere to put your baby where you can catch up on some sleep yourself or get on with some housework.
If you want to read some more about these great baby bean bags head on over to, these guys sell them and have loads of customer reviews for you to read before you purchase one.
The GaGa baby bean bag is the next most popular bean bag on the market. These come in some cool funky colours, which you might like a lot.
At the time of writing this they are priced slightly cheaper than the Bambeano baby bean bags but you can only use these bean bags while your child is a baby unlike the Bambeano.
You will get a lot more use out of the Bambeano bean bag because of the free toddler bean bag cover.
So why do people buy the GaGa baby bean bag over the Bambeano. Well they come in some funky bright colours, 11 to be exact, while the Bambeano is only available in 3 colours.
You can use the GaGa baby bean bag from birth up until they are 6 months old, not really much use out of it for the price.
These bean bags have safety straps to keep your baby in place, but your baby does lie on a flat position unlike the Bambeano. So laid on the GaGa your baby will not be able to see what is going on around them.
Some people favour the Bambeano because the baby lays in a slightly inclined position, which does help some babies get to sleep more easily that suffer from colic. 
Instead of driving round in your car at night trying to get your baby to go to sleep get yourself a baby bean bag, lots of parents swear by them.
Going for the GaGa over the Bambeano is going to be just down to personal choice, I would go for the Bambeano every time, your child will get much more use out of it.
The BeBeDou baby bean bags are third on the list just because they are rather popular and can be used from birth until 9 to 10 months old.
Now you can use the bean bag when your child is a baby and then remove the straps to use it when your child is a toddler.
The bean bag cover remains the same, unlike the Bambeano. This means your child still has a bean bag when they are a toddler but it is only small, just big enough to be used as a foot rest really.
All of these baby bean bags are comfortable and do keep your baby lovely and snug and warm. The bean wrap around your babies baby and it helps retain their body heat. 
This particular bean bag has been designer to help prevent reflux and plagiocephaly, which basically means stopping them from getting a flat head.
All the bean bags have removable covers that are very easy to keep clean. Just zip the cover off and pop it into the washing machine.
This is pretty much all that needs to be said about these three super cool baby bean bags. You can read about and buy any of these baby bean bags over at, they do sell them the cheapest, go and take a look.