Coolest Bean Bag Ever

So you want to know what the coolest bean bag ever is? Well for me there are three contenders, which are listed below.

So what makes a bean bag cool. Well for me it has to be massive, look good (funky colour), feel good and be really comfortable.

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Top 3 Coolest Bean Bags in the World

The Giant Bizaar Bag is the coolest bean bag ever bar none. They are available in loads of funky colours, 12 to be exact.

I really like it in yellow, it will look so cool in any bedroom or living space that it goes into. The fact that it stands out makes it so cool alone.

Here is another cool feature, they are made from waterproof material. At first it doesn't sound that thrilling but believe me it makes them so versatile.

These bags can be used indoors and outdoors, one minute it can be a comfy TV chair and the next a sun lounger giant floor cushion out in the garden.

They are so light and easy to carry around too, moving them from room to room is definitely not going to be a problem.

These bean bags are huge too measuring a massive 6 foot across and 4 foot wide, your friends are sure to be impressed with that.

I mean these bean bags are so big that you can seat two fully grown adults on them at the same time.

Another cool feature is that they can be shaped into a whole load of different seating positions putting them streets ahead of the competition.

You could straddle the bean bag, just go ahead and jump into the middle of it or simply set it up as a chair or even lay it out flat as a giant floor cushion.

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The Reclining Gaming Chair is next on the list, I prefer it to be made from waterproof material over leather or faux leather just because it can be used outdoors and is much easier to clean.

If you are an avid gamer and are looking for some comfy seating then this massive gaming chair is the bean bag for you.

This too is available in a whole load of funky bright colours and also provides good back and neck support which is essential for long gaming sessions.

What makes this bean bag so cool is the fact that it is made from such a rugged material, these bean bags last forever and are very comfortable.

Trust me when I say this, when your friends come over all of them will want to sit on your bean bag, they will be fighting over it.

I prefer the ginat Bazzar bag to this one just because it is a lot more versatile, but these are cool too and if you need extra back support then you will be more suited to this one.

The Puregadgets xxl bean bag is last on the list but is however super cool, so what makes this one of the coolest bean bags around?

Well it has integrated speakers in the head rest area of the bean bag with volume control centre down the side.

The area at the arms rest side of the bean bag includes a connection for you to connect up your ipod or phone to the bean bag and then playing your favourite tunes right out of the bean bag, how cool is that.

Best of all these bean bags are surprisingly not that expensive either, yes they are under 60 quid so they are definitely affordable.

Your friends will be very impressed if you have one of these bad boys in your bedroom, they look good and are incredibly comfortable too.

The person sitting on the bean bag is actually 6 foot tall, this gives you an indication of just how big these bean bags are, they are huge in fact.

At the top of the bag you will notice a handy carry handle, they are lightweight and very easy to carry around the home.

What else is there to say, these are the coolest bean bags anywhere and are all available to buy today at the lowest prices over at